May 23, 2006

Another reason I'm glad I'm a Mac user.

And on a related note, Sony/BMG are actually making some kind of good on their massive bungle with that DRM/rootkit thing from a whlie back.

If you're not familiar and are a Windows user, Boing Boing has this little timeline to help explain. In summation, if you put one of these CDs in your computer, it installs a rootkit allowing Sony to see a lot of what you do. Boing Boing also mentions:

  • Sony lied about its rootkit. They said it didn't phone home with information about your deeds. It does. When they were caught in the lie, they said that they didn't pay attention to the information it sent back, so it's OK

  • Microsoft is building a Sony rootkit-remover into its anti-spyware product

  • Lawsuits against Sony are already underway in Italy and the US

  • At least one piece of malicious software that exploits Sony's rootkit has been discovered in the wild
  • [/quote]

    (keep in mind that was from last November)

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