September 18, 2006

Flash Drives

I may be one of the few people I know who are at all excited about this, but I'm REALLY excited.

I saw it all over the place today.

TDK has introduced the second Solid State Disk (the first coming from Samsung). This is more or less the same media that get used in thumb drives and mp3 players (like the iPod Nano and Shuffle), but is instead built to replace laptop hard drives.

Basically, this means that they're more shock resistant, consume less power, are smaller in size, and should boot your OS faster than a regular drive. Greater durability, longer battery life, lower weight, and faster data rates (supposed 300% faster read and 150% faster write) make me very happy. Did I mention that they're quieter and generate a lot less heat too?

I can't wait until they get them more affordable - Samsung's charging something akin to an extra $900 for a laptop with their SSD inside.

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Anonymous Jonas said...

There's a link on my blog to a detailed performance test of the Samsung SSD disk if you're interested. I write about uninstalling everything from my desktop and have all data online and only use online webapplications. So 32 GB is more than enough for my uninstalled PC.

5:44 AM  

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