March 01, 2007

Sky Blue Sky

So not only did I see the cover for the new Wilco album for the first time today (and for the record, I think its just okay, but that's how I felt about A Ghost is Born's cover when I first saw it), several tracks have leaked somehow.

Shameless Complacency has three of them up. I guess I'll link them too.

Either Way (mp3)
Walken (mp3)
You Are My Face (mp3)

Is it revolutionary? No, not really. But its good, and I like what they're doing. I think they're starting to act their age, and that's okay.

Personally, I'm eager to see what Impossible Germany sounds like, since I remember it being one of my favorites live. I also wish they'd record Is That the Thanks I Get?

Full Sky Blue Sky tracklist at Pitchfork.

Via Stereogum.

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Anonymous Ke said...

Check out Wilco's site tonight. The whole album is planned to stream.

3:33 PM  

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