November 13, 2007


My favorite thing about my deams is that I can usually tell when they're dreams.

But every once in a while I have this one dream.

I'll be in the middle of another, often pleasant dream, and I'll startle awake because I SWEAR I heard two, loud, sharp knocks on my door. As in my bedroom door. Its happened in different houses, and every time the knock matches what that door would sound like.

And every time it starts me awake, and I lie in bed frozen in fear for a minute or two. After a bit where I decide that even IF it was someone in my house who had banged on my door, they either would have made more noise by now.

So I slowly sit up, and reach for the baseball bat I keep under my bed. Yes, I keep a baseball bat under my bed. Fuck you. Its my home security system.

I put on my glasses and open my door, poised to strike.

Nothing is there. As usual.

Aferward this happened tonight, I creep downstairs, where I can still hear the high-pitched noise, meaning BJ fell asleep with the TV on again.

Of course he did, so he's there, fast asleep, and the menu for the West Wing DVD he was watching is on the screen.

I ditch the bat at the bottom of the stairs because I'll feel stupid if BJ wakes up.

He does (if only half way) and says "hey dude".

I mumble a hello and get a glass of water from the kitchen, pausing to pick up my bat by the stairs.

Figures that the only realistic dream I've ever had is one that nearly makes me crap my pants. Sounds about par for the course.

I seem to be having tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle.



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