April 24, 2007

Genuine 5 Star Gentleman

I haven't blogged in quite some time. This semester got really busy, but in a couple weeks I should be back in the swing of things, once both of my major class projects are done.

Anyhow, for right now, my friends (and foosball aficionados) The Stationary Set have been working on thier album for what seems like... well, its taken a damn long time, that's for sure.

In any case, they have yet another tune up on their MySpace page. Its from the album, and it looks like they're getting past the mastering stage (this one is, according to Josh, "the final master of "Genuine 5 Star Gentleman""), and apparently the album is out for pressing.

I know they're not the most positive song lyrics, but this song makes me feel good.

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Blogger Tumuli said...

If that cool song is any indication, the album will be well worth the wait.

10:28 PM  

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