September 12, 2007


So work sent me to the Society of Environmental Journalists conference at Stanford last week. I recorded some sessions (both audio and video), and generally it was pretty interesting.

Most of Stanford's north campus looks like this around this time of the year.

Northwest lost my luggage when we flew out, and it took a few days to get that sorted out. I had to go shopping and hit the laundromat.

The crosswalk sign was broken by our hotel in Palo Alto, so it was constantly giving us the horns. That, combined with the fact that there was an All Mac and a Fry's across the street were the only things that made the Super 8 where we stayed better than the Sheraton where everyone else was (we were overflow from the conference).

Stanford's tower was right across the street from one of the buildings we had sessions in.

The CalTrain station in Palo Alto. We rode this a lot.

My first experience with Thai beer. It was okay. And so was the Pad Thai.

The Golden Gate from above and to the west. An early stop on the whirlwind tour of the city some of my friends gave me.

GGP from BB (Baker Beach).

My feet met the Pacific for the first time on Baker Beach.

We found Yoda in the Presidio.

At the end of the night, we went up the Twin Peaks for a beautiful view of the city. I'm told its usually a lot foggier, but not Friday night.

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