August 02, 2007


Everyone who knows me knows how excited I am about this:

The trailer is just okay, but I am more and more excited about the movie every time I think about it. Batman Begins was so well done. It made a blockbuster comic book movie while still getting pretty close to the tone (if not the look, or even really the plot) of one of the classic stories (in this case, the Frank Miller-penned Year One) of that character.

I'm also excited to see the joker done right. Tim Burton's 1989 Batman was good, and Jack Nicholson was great in it, but I think Dark Knight is going to better capture the insanity that really characterizes the Joker in the comics. Or at least I hope.

For how much I love Batman, I'm not that big a fan of the 1960s Adam West TV series. For a lot of people the campyness of it is what makes the show, but I just can't dig it. Then again, I don't like a lot of the older print comics (okay, pretty much all of the '30s-'60s) of Batman either.

In any case, if you've ever wondered what that TV show would have been like had they approached it seriously, without all the camp, the answer is pretty damn good:

Via Geek Monthly.

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