May 24, 2006

Ghost Rider

Okay, so I never read much of the comic, but I like the Ghost Rider. I like the concept, and he could be sweet, I just never read it much.

But then they go and do this. I actually might be okay with that trailer if it wasn't Nick Cage playing Johnny Blaze. I don't get why they would put him in that role. Sigh.

But beyond that, the effects look alright, and from what I understand about that particular Ghost Rider (there've been more than one person and origin for the character) it seems more or less accurate. But Nick Cage? Come on.

The trailer looks okay. Like I said, the effects look cool, and the tone is kind of dark, but still kind of aware of how silly the premise is. Like a comic book.

All this seems alright, but I can't be convinced that he's Johnny Blaze. At all. I just look at him and I KNOW I'm going to be thinking "What is Nick Cage doing?" instead of thinking about the character.

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