June 16, 2006

In the news:

In news that makes me angry, two guys were convicted and sentenced at the Old Bailey for the murder of a gay barman. They got a minimum of 28 years in prison, which is good, but what a pair of assholes:

[quote]One witness who tried to intervene was warned off and told by one of the pair: "We don't like poofters here and that's why we can kill him if we want".[/quote]

And in news that's absolutely HILLARIOUS, the RIAA cliams that illegal filesharing has been "contained". That's some serious shit. That Register article puts it really well:

[quote]In the past, the recording industry has blamed digital music and illegal downloads for the slump in CD sales. However, this was in direct contrast to a number of reports that claimed file sharers purchased more music, not less.[/quote]

And in news that makes me happy (combining two of my favorite things - beer and coffee), apparently coffee helps protect your liver from cirrhosis.

[quote]For every cup of coffee participants drank each day, the researchers calculate they were 22 per cent less likely to develop alcoholic cirrhosis long term...[/quote]

Not that this allows you to become an alcoholic, but its nice to know that I'm doing something good for myself when I'm at the coffee shop.

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