January 05, 2007


I read this article on Pitchfork today. I was actually kind of surprised - not only that a "Crunk Hits" album existed, but that THEY'RE UP TO VOLUME THREE.

So I was talking about it at work, and one of the guys hadn't heard of Hyphy. I don't really know that much about it, but I told him what I could, and we turned to Wikipedia. The discussion turned to Ghost Riding, which he insists isn't a new phenomenon. Apparently when he was growing up, they used to do a lot of these same car tricks that you see in Hyphy, only they used to do it to be assholes. He's from west Michigan, so what can you do?

Anyhow, the Wikipedia article on Ghost Riding links to this YouTube video:

Holy crap is that amazing or what? Video download (LINK REMOVED), in case you just GOTTA have it for your very own.

Also - there's a whole nother verse - listen on Mistah FAB's MySpace, and again, if you must: mp3 download.

ALSO: Bonus points for sampling the Ghostbusters theme.

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