February 17, 2007

Death and hatred to mankind never sounded so good.

So, as I mentioned here, CAKE has a rarities disc coming out later this year. Their cover of War Pigs is amazing.

APPRAENTLY, they're having a music video contest - ie you make your video, put it on YouTube, they pick a winner, etc. I have no idea what you can win. WHAT I DO KNOW IS THAT THEY'RE OFFERING THE ENTIRE SONG FOR DOWNLOAD NOW. Check it.

Godddamn its SO GOOD.

And since I think the mp3 will only be up for a couple more days, I'm mirroring it myself.
CAKE - War Pigs (mp3). (LINK REMOVED)

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February 06, 2007


I love CAKE. I've been kind of nutso about them on and off for years, but this makes me REALLY excited for their new album. You wouldn't think they could pull off War Pigs, but...

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February 04, 2007

Ghost Ride It Video

So I wrote about this last month. Apparently, that was them filming part of the music video. The video? For a different mix of the song, but holy crap, they ghost ride ECTO-1. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED?

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