April 27, 2007

But Ronnie? Ronnie the Bear? He could give a fuck.

So I have the first Harry Potter movie coming next in my NetFlix queue for one reason and one reason only. Wizard People, Dear Reader. Its on Illegal Art, which is the same label that put out the most recent Girl Talk (yes, he's done more than just Night Ripper) record.

WPDR is a spoken word project, meant to be played along with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. The author/reader, Brad Neely, spends most of the movie telling you what's happening, like a book on tape gone horribly wrong. Harry is "Ol' HP", Snape is "Snake" (and also a she), Ron is "Ronnie the Bear", Dumbledore is "Dumbledore the Half-Dead", and Hagrid is "Hagar the Horrible". Needless to say, he gets a lot of plot points wrong too, but you're too busy laughing to care.

Point in case:

I'm totally having people over to watch it sometime soon. Needless to say, there will be beer and Wizard People, Dear Readers!

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April 26, 2007

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Its one of those things I learned from Rock n Roll. Girls just want to have fun.

I recently ran across a version of that song online by a fellow named Greg Laswell, and I like it more than the original. Anyhow, I can't give a direct link to the mp3, but you can find it on Fabulist. Its great. (also, thanks to Lauren for turning me onto Fabulist.org)

Also, the Silence Xperiment did a mashup of it and 2 Live Crew, called Hoochie Mamas Just Wanna Have Fun. Its pretty damn good.

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April 24, 2007

Genuine 5 Star Gentleman

I haven't blogged in quite some time. This semester got really busy, but in a couple weeks I should be back in the swing of things, once both of my major class projects are done.

Anyhow, for right now, my friends (and foosball aficionados) The Stationary Set have been working on thier album for what seems like... well, its taken a damn long time, that's for sure.

In any case, they have yet another tune up on their MySpace page. Its from the album, and it looks like they're getting past the mastering stage (this one is, according to Josh, "the final master of "Genuine 5 Star Gentleman""), and apparently the album is out for pressing.

I know they're not the most positive song lyrics, but this song makes me feel good.

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