July 19, 2006

Information Week

Another thing I recently discovered at work. Information Week is a shit magazine.

We've recieved this magazine at the office for probably as long as I've worked here, but it never really got much of my attention. It was just there on the table, every week.

There have been several cover articles in the last couple of months that got my attention and convinced me to pick it up.

First, there was an article on the cover of the June 12 Issue that discussed the trial of a former UBS PaineWebber employee (who allegedly inserted malicious code into one of their servers), and promised to discuss the importance of internal security.

Then there was and article in the June 19 issue discussing Bill Gates and his decision to leave Microsoft.

I found both articles (and keep in mind that these are the cover articles) really uninteresting. I understand the significance of these two stories, but after reading these particular pieces, neither seemed to important to me. It was like their staff chose to do as much as they could to make them seem unimportant, while still filling up a lot of space. When I was done reading, I felt (despite my knowing better) as if they didn't garner enough importance to warrant being on the cover.

And that has nothing to do with what they were about, as both stories were a big deal. It has everything to do with being written... I won't say poorly, just in a rather uninteresting manner. Two weeks in a row. With stories that I was really interested in knowing more about.

I got a glass of water from the other room today, and once again saw the cover of this weeks issue (see right). Its an article on making IT attractive to the next generation of tech-minded youth. I was tempted to pick it up.

I hesitated briefly, and walked back to my desk. Like so many things, if they dissapoint you frequently and hard enough (no matter how interesting or exciting it might seem from the get go) and you're going to stop trying or caring.

Good luck Information Week.

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Blogger Eric Elkins said...

HA! Genius. Information Week sucks

2:31 PM  

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