July 24, 2006


Today Microsoft confirmed Zune, their portable music player, in response to the iPod.

How well this will work with their WMA Plays-For-Sure format(s) is yet to be seen, but I read one report (that sadly I cannot find right now) that alluded to it not working completely with it.

And if they want it and URGE, their joint venture with MTV to take off, they had better play nice with each other.

Now, I don't think they'll beat out the iPod. The iPod is a great success for a reason - it looks nice, is easy to use, and it works damn well.

But what I find noteworthy is that while they haven't knocked off the iPod's look completely, the white color and the big, wheel-like button are clearly influenced.

One good thing is that at least it doesn't look like this Register-linked parody, which is more than just slightly rediculous. (original source).

I remember Microsoft Bob. I'm not going to lie, I had some fun with it when I was a kid. I think it shipped with Windows 95 when we first got it.

Wow, I remember that, even though it was 11 years ago. I was only 11 or 12. Wow.

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