August 04, 2006

People in Michigan talk weird.

I've noticed some of these things, and I do some of them. Some of them drive me nuts (its not Meijer's, its Meijer, goddammit!), but all of them are hilariously true.

I present to you the Michigan Accent Pronunciation Guide.

Some samples include:

  • Company names as possessives

  • "Melk"

  • "Parrty Storre"

  • Most of it explains specific pronunciations, and oh man are they accurate. It makes us appreciate how we talk, and how weird it really is, because we don't really have a strong accent in the way a lot of other parts of the country does (think Texas), but man, do we enunciate weird.


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    Anonymous -Bri- said...

    I'd argue only about half of those are accurate. Although a lot of them could be U.P.-specific.

    This made me laugh out loud, though:

    "Euchre": a card game which is popular in Michigan and seemingly, no where else.

    So true.

    7:32 PM  

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