September 26, 2006

Okkervil River - the Presidents Dead

Okkervil River - the Presidents Dead

So when Pitchfork linked this, I wasn't that crazy about it initially. It wasn't that bad, I guess, but it wasn't their best. It didn't help that it was about a fictitious assasination on the President (be he real or also fictitious). I don't like our current administration, but something about that lyric didn't sit right with me.

I was unsure about how I felt, but when the whole band kicks in near the end, I didn't care so much any more.

Its definately worth a listen, if only for the rock (country-rock?) at the end.

I'd have to say that its not as good as Black Sheep Boy is - you can listen to a couple songs off of it, and plenty more, here.

Okkervil River - Black
Okkervil River - Westfall


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