October 12, 2006


So anyone who knows me know that I'm a Mac user. I have been a Mac user exclusively for a few years now (maybe two), and before that I was bi-platform. Anyhow, one of the applications that I've been using since before I got a Mac is iTunes. We all kind of take it for granted, but when all is said and done, I think its a great app.

A lot of people didn't like the new version (iTunes 7) when it first came out, mostly for the changes made to its appearance, and some pretty strange interface changes. I happen to like the way it looks just fine, but one thing I like a lot (which I'm in the process of taking advantage of) is the ability to have multiple libraries.

This is pretty great becuase it is going to let me keep all my music on my external drive, and keep less on the internal of my Powerbook, freeing up some of the rapidly-dwindling space on my 80GB drive.

iPhoto logoAnyhow, today, while thinking about adding a bunch of my girlfriend's pictures from her recent trip to India to my iPhoto library, I thought "Wouldn't it be cool if iPhoto allowed multiple libraries like iTunes does now?" I don't know if I want iPhoto to deal with that many high-res photos every time it opens (slowing its launch down even more), so I thought this'd be a sweet way to get around that problem. So I tried it, and it does! And I'm only running iPhoto 5! Not even the most recent version!

Apparently this is somewhat known already (mentioned here, while talking about this feature in iTunes 7), but a quick google for "multiple iphoto libraries" turns up some stuff, with a lot of people pointing at iPhoto Library Manager, so I'm not sure how widely known this is.

Useful? Probably not extremely for most people. Cool? Most definately.

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